Children learn, and express themselves and their world most effectively through games. They develop critical thinking skills through games. Playing is the language of children, in other words, it is their job. Games are important in creative drama, and it directly uses the general characteristics of games. Games are not just a tool of entertainment, it is also a behavior which encompasses the emotions, tendencies, desires and social influences.


The learning objectives of the drama class are to improve creative thinking and express themselves in gestures and mimics, to encourage a comfortable expression of their inner world to show them what it means to be an individual from the kindergarten and through elementary and secondary school towards an understanding of human relations, as well as to show the benefits of being at peace with themselves and their social network, and in conclusion, to develop the understanding that what they learn through drama is about personal development. It also encourages them to share their learning about life with others through drama. Our common drama workshops offer activities which guide student's body language, mimics, and inner worlds through writing, art and performance.