"Our goal is to provide excellence in holistic education so that each student participates fully in democratic processes and philanthropic organizations as part of lifelong service to humanity" 

SEV Schools 


You can help children sustain their academic success by teaching them how to reach information and rational thinking, however you should also teach them to listen to their conscience so that they can reach happiness as well. 


At Tarsus SEV, each student is expected to have a strong social awareness, social adaptation skills, and values such as sensitivity, love, respect and tolerance for others. 


To this end, the goal of our community service activities are to raise social awareness; promote a sharing of knowledge, existence and skills with others to minimize social injustice; and to emphasize that each citizen has a moral responsibility for their country. 


The Community Service Committee, which is comprised of students and guidance counselors, take on the following projects: 

  • Supporting sister schools,
  • Supporting students who are mentally challenged, 
  • Book and clothes donations,
  • Bake and fruit sales for fundraising, 
  • Activities which support LÖSEV,
  • Procurement of wheelchairs,
  • Scholarship for the children of academic support staff members who study at universities,
  • Visits to the senior citizens' homes or hosting their residents on campus,
  • Organizing activities such as concerts to support community service functions, 
  • Supporting schools in remote cities.