"I take interest in art just like I take interest in everything else; when I am painting a window, I paint what I see looking through the window. If an open window looks bad in the painting, then I close it and close the curtains, just as I do in my room. In art, you have to be straightforward as in life. Of course art has some rules which you should not ignore. Actually, you cannot ignore them. In brief, you should allow for real life in arts."    



The objective of the art program in Tarsus SEV Elementary School is to raise productive individuals who can use arts as a visual communication tool, who think genuinely and universally with a highly developed visual creativity.


The program develops the following knowledge and skills:

  • Ability to use arts as a visual communication tool
  • To develop the skill of artistic expression, and to build on an existing skill,
  • To develop the habits of genuine thinking, production and experimentation.
  • To develop knowledge and skills about stylistic expression. 


The student work is evaluated with consideration of authenticity, power of expression, skills in using materials, interest in artistic creation process, and the overall development of the student.