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For Prospective Students - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of the student admission exam?

For detailed information on student admission to classes, please, click.


Does a child, who graduated from your middle school, have a privilege in general exams in terms of being able to attend high school at Tarsus American College?

As stated on their website, Tarsus American High School accepts students according to the results of the LGS exam. Tarsus SEV Middle School students have the right to pass directly to SEV American College in Istanbul if they have not received a certain diploma score and disciplinary punishment.


We want to enrol our child in the kindergarten class. I request information about your parent introduction day date and school fees.

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What are the school’s admission requirements for students coming from abroad?

In accordance with the MEB Regulation on Primary Education Institutions and Private Education Institutions, students in this situation are required to apply to the Provincial Directorates of National Education and obtain equivalence certificates.

Moreover, it does not provide any privileges or direct transition for SEV graduates. It is then, evaluated whether the student is suitable for the conditions of our school.


Can I get information about the scholarship exam?

Our school does not have a scholarship exam, but the institution has two different scholarship opportunities for its own students. Need-based scholarship and merit scholarship. In order for the student to benefit from the scholarship opportunities, they must be a student at our school for a year, each student can benefit from the scholarship opportunity for the next academic year, at the end of the school year he/she is studying. Private Tarsus SEV Middle School grants scholarships to its own students. Scholarship notifications about our school students are announced on our school website in April and May every year.


Can a student register during the academic year?

Registration is not taken in the middle of the term, during the academic year.


What are the registration requirements for classes?

At the end of each academic year, student admissions are made within the quota for the following year. Students take the transfer exam to gain the right to register. Students who are successful in the exam are invited to register within the quota, in the order of success.




Can I get information about the transfer exam?

The transfer exam is conducted within the framework of the principles determined by the school administration. Information about transfer exams is announced on our school's website. In the process, that is generally announced at the end of February; Pre-registrations are made in March-April and the transfer exam takes place in May.

By clicking here, you can fill out our Information Request Form and participate in our e-mail notification processes regarding the transfer exam announcements. (You can put our pre-registration form)


Can I get information about the content of the transfer exam?

The exam consists of two separate parts. Foundation courses and English. The foundation courses cover the subjects that the student is responsible for based on the MEB outcomes at the relevant grade level as of the date of the exam. The content of the English exam is prepared within the scope of the English curriculum of our school.


Can I get information about tuition fees?

Our tuition fees are announced every year in May-June for the next academic year.


Do students who graduate from your school have direct access to TAC?

Our institution K-8 is an ongoing institution. A grade 4 student who has graduated from Tarsus SEV Primary School has the right to pass directly to Tarsus SEV Middle School.

However, our students who graduate from 8th grade have to take the LGS central exam in order to pass over to TAC. Our graduate students can register to TAC with their LGS placement scores.