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The profile of a Tarsus SEV student consists of being educated in a holistic approach academically and socially. It is about not accepting information as it is but enquiring, making research and making deductions. It is also about having self-confidence, and to express themselves freely. It is strong commitment to Ataturk ideals, national values, and mastery in the Turkish language. It is characterized by a strong awareness for the society and the society's needs, and to know about sharing.     

Being a Tarsus SEV student is being a part of a very big and long-established family. It is about internalizing one's own culture while getting to know about the richness of other cultures. Being a Tarsus SEV student is being a member of the modern generation with a strong sense of responsibility, democratic vision, being the responsible heir of the legacy of the Turkish Republic entrusted by the nation's great leader, Ataturk.