1)  DEFINITION FOR GRADES 5. 6, 7 and 8

This scholarship is given to the top five students who meet the criterion of a weighted GPA of at least 90 at the end of the academic year in grades 5, 6 and 7, based on the following:  



35% of the tuition fee 



1. The student should not have received any penalties from the Student Behavior Evaluation Committee during the academic year. 

2. Their end-of-year weighted GPA should be at least 90.

3. “Academic Merit Scholarship" is good for only one academic year, provided that the student will continue at SEV Schools. As long as he/she meets the criteria above, they can qualify for another year's "Academic Merit Scholarship".

4. If the student, while on scholarship, receives a discipline penalty, they lose their right to "scholarship" and the parent is required the pay the portion of the tuition fee from the effective date of the penalty until the end of the year.  

5. A student who qualifies for an academic merit scholarship reserves his/her right to apply for a financial need-based scholarship. 

6. The number of students to receive the scholarship cannot be more than 5. In the rare case where there are students with the same weighted points, the weighted GPA from the previous year is taken into consideration. 



The call for the financial need-based scholarship applications is made by the school during the month of April. Parents who will apply for this scholarship are required to complete the online application forms and all documents stated in its appendix, and submit them to the school administration by the announced date.  


Financial need-based scholarships are evaluated by the School Scholarship Committee. The duty of this committee is to review the applications, make the research to identify those students who need a scholarship, and ensure an equitable distribution of the scholarships. 


For a student who qualifies for a financial-need based scholarship for a given academic year, to continue receiving a financial-need based scholarship for the following years, he/she needs to submit a new application each year.