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Welcome to Tarsus SEV Middle School, the school for those students who graduate into their post-secondary lives as global citizens.


Tarsus SEV Elementary School is under the umbrella of a long established foundation, Health and Education Foundation (SEV in Turkish)  and is the sister school of Tarsus American College, one of the benchmarks of Turkish education which has an extensive history of 130 years.


Empowered by its strong academic program, diverse extra-curricular activities, community service offerings, highly qualified teaching staff, and solid collaboration between students, school and parents, Tarsus SEV Middle School has been recognized for its increasing success in offering comprehensive academic and social experiences to its students. It is truly a school which lives up to international standards with the rich variety of national and international programs, activities, and strong English education.


Tarsus SEV Middle School is physically located right across the historic campus of TAC and its landmark, Stickler building, in brand new academic facilities. They are prepared for life long success in a bilingual academic environment where they can interact with international teachers, enriched by various sports, cultural, arts activities and community service experiences in addition to the academic emphasis. Through our enrichment activities in English instruction, students acquire English as a second native language with the help of both Turkish teachers and international teachers who are native speakers of English. Tarsus SEV students take firm steps towards being global citizens through creative English drama, ISTA (International School Theatre Association) and JMUN (Junior Model United Nations) clubs.


Our school, which commits to internationalism to raise global citizens of tomorrow who have developed self-confidence, is accredited by the CIS (Council of International Schools). This accreditation is the proof that Tarsus SEV meets the internationally-recognized academic standards shared by many schools around the world, as well as being committed to ongoing development.


In an increasingly globalized world, it is our greatest pride to see our students raised as self-confident, strong bilinguals and life-long learners who can express themselves in a second foreign language, who have developed the skills of enquiry, critical thinking, and awareness for national, global and environmental issues. 


I extend a warm welcome to Tarsus SEV family and wish everyone a happy and successful academic year.


Ayfer Aydın

Principal, Tarsus SEV Middle School