Interdisciplinary Activities 

If the learning is meaningful, transferable and linked to real life for the student, then it is retained. This increases the importance of interdisciplinary activities. Another application of interdisciplinary activities is school projects, where all students participate and work with several subject teachers. 


IT-Assisted Education 

At Tarsus SEV, technology finds its application in providing opportunities to children with multiple learning styles and to make learning permanent by repeating them in an interactive environment. Our IT program is structured to channel the IT-related interests of the modern day student into a positive learning experience. In computer-assisted teaching, our teachers use various software as well as some national and international academic websites to reinforce the teaching of a given unit/topic. This program is implemented with the help of our state-of-the-art IT laboratories ln the main building and the computers in the libraries. 


Library Lessons

The library lessons for each course are planned in the beginning of the academic year. According to the plan, students make research in the library under the guidance of their course teachers as well as librarians. These activities aim to impart the skill of reaching correct information in a prompt manner to the students. 


Thinking Skills Education 

The thinking skills education in our school is implemented in A-5 grade level. The aim of these classes which use Mind Lab methodologies are to develop basic life skills in students as well as thinking skills, and to help their development as self-conscious individuals who are aware of their potentials.