The focus in grade one are listening and speaking skills. Through various classroom experiences, critical thinking skills are imparted in students in the pre-reading period. Students who improve linguistic skills through listening and speaking develop as new readers, which allows them to expand their vocabulary as well. English lessons are taught by using full class and split class systems. Students spend four to six periods in split class English. The teacher of the split classes divide the group into two which ensures full attention to each student by the teacher. In grades four and five, students take one period of mathematics in English. The same is true for the science class, and with these two classes taught in English students expand their vocabulary.


Library/Sustained Silent Reading


In these periods, skills for using the library are developed. Students choose different books in the library and read books and magazines online. They borrow books to use in class or read at home. Teachers record the duration of student reading in class and as a result, students are awarded with an extra period of physical education during the English classtime.


Cambridge ESOL (English as a Second Language Exam)


Cambridge ESOL exams designed by Cambridge University are recognized world wide. Tarsus SEV students take the following Cambridge exams:

  • Grade 3 - Movers
  • Grade 4 - Flyers
  • Grade 5 - KET


These exams motivate students to learn English at the same pace as the English learners in other countries. Students improve self-confidence in actively using the four language skill components (listening, speaking, reading and writing).  The KET Exam is offered to students in grade 5 without any charges. 


Bulletin Policy 


At Tarsus SEV, we believe that the students will learn better when the school and families collaborate in supporting the learning process. For this reason, we communicate to parents about the learning in the classroom via bulletins. You can view the bulletins on the school web page.




Tarsus SEV is equipped with the latest technology and each classroom has an interactive white board. These facilities increase student participation and interest in the learning material. The school also has a computer laboratory which encourages online research skills and IT competency.


COMENIUS European Partnership


Comenius is a program which brings together students and teachers from various countries of the world. This interesting and challenging European cultural exchange program allows students to share their work with an international community. For the next two years, Tarsus SEV students will collaborate with teachers from Spain, England and Italy under the project which has the theme "Development for Respect".