"I think that everyone in this country should learn about computer programming, and a computer language. Because it teaches one how to think. I see computer science as a social science. This should be something that everybody learns about"  

Steve Jobs 



Children who are born in the age of technology learn how to compute before they learn how to read and write. It is hard to find a kid in elementary school who has not been introduced to technological tools. In order to help them to connect with these tools in the right way, we need to raise their awareness and educate them. In this way, computer and internet use can be moved to a different level of awareness.



The Information Technologies course, held at the Tarsus SEV computer laboratory, is offered until the end of grade 7. The laboratory consists of personal computers which are equipped to meet the most up-to-date IT requirements. The students can see the implementation methods instantly through a projector connected to the teacher's computer and try them in their own computer.