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Welcome to the Tarsus SEV Elementary School, governed by the Health and Education Foundation which has an long-established experience in Turkish education, and the sister school of Tarsus American College.


As the Tarsus SEV Elementary School, a school dedicated to providing excellence in international education which raises global citizens with self-confidence, we are proud to meet with all of you in yet another academic year.


Tarsus SEV Elementary School is under the umbrella of both a prominent foundation and Tarsus American College, one of the benchmarks of Turkish education. Our goal at Tarsus SEV, which is the embodiment of an educational experience of almost two centuries, is to raise global citizens.


As stated in our mission statement, our goal is to contribute to the growth of individuals who combine self-confidence with a firm sense of personal, social, and environmental responsibility. We aim to enable our students to be lifelong learners, and efficient communicators, who have developed skills, accountability, and attitudes for leading a fulfilling life and for serving their country and humanity.


In order to raise individuals who demonstrate self-confidence and commitment to being global citizens, we offer education at international standards. The academic programs at our school, accredited by the CIS (Council of International Schools), are student centered. Our strong teaching staff support the personal development of our students with consideration of their learning performances, individual differences and interests, and help them in building various skills. During the learning process, our students are encouraged to be good team players and collaborators.


In order to reach our goals, we offer an enrichment program where we provide many opportunities to students to participate in and to host national and international events.


Particularly in English education, we offer many enriching experiences. Our strong and intensive English curriculum which is introduced at Kindergarten level, Turkish teachers and international teachers who are native speakers of English allow students to acquire a “second native language”. Under the care of teachers who come from different countries and cultural backgrounds, students are involved in various bilingual activities and benefit from an rewarding educational experience. A natural English language immersion is provided in classrooms where students use the language actively and develop English skills as if it is their native language. Language learning is reinforced by French and German offered as a second foreign language.


The social experiences which we use as a tool to prepare our students for life, to improve their self-confidence and sense of personal and social responsibility sets Tarsus SEV apart from other schools. In the journey of self-discovery and students’ exploration of their interests and talents, rich variety of clubs and committees, extra-curricular activities, and community service initiatives which raise the awareness of helping the less fortunate comprise the rich social life of Tarsus SEV.


As Tarsus SEV, we continue to develop students’ committment to Ataturk principles, ownership of progressive, national and universal values, sensitivity to the national and global issues, as global citizens who are prepared for leading fulfilling lives. Reiterating that “everything starts with loving the child”, we wish all parents and students a happy and successful academic year.


Çiğdem Özyürekoğlu

Principal, Elementary School

Tarsus SEV