The kindergarten classrooms have learning centers, which address the individual learning needs of students, support their small-group interactions and help them concentrate on a given topic through games. Students thrive in this environment where they can experience freedom and comfort, and use their skills. Students use these centers during free time as an alternative learning venue.
The academic program at the kindergarten level is based on developmental characteristics of students. The developmental levels are identified while planning the learning processes. Students are supported through various educational processes which improve their knowledge and skills, moving to the top academic level in their developmental stage.
The kindergarten program is skills-based and student centered. The academic activities focus on visual perception as well as the following: 
  • Creativity 
  • Mathematics 
  • Personal and Social Development 
  • Mother Language
  • English 
  • Physical Development 
  • Understanding the world around us 
Academic subjects: 
  • Visual Arts 
  • Creative Drama
  • Sports
  • Music
  • English 
  • IT
  • Chess