Show and Tell 
This activity asks the student to show a chosen object they bring from home to his friends and to make a presentation about it. 
Goal: To help student make connections between home and school, and express themselves in front of a group through an object, photo or toy; listen to others, produce questions, make comparisons and develop their linguistic and speaking skills. 
Counting Time
Students count materials/objects brought from home (clothes pegs, straws, beans, etc.) with their friends in classroom environment. 
Goal: To help develop rhythmic counting skills. 
It's My Turn 
It is the time when parents come to the school and be a part of the classroom environment.
Goal: To enable parents to spend time with our students doing fun and educational activities.  
It is a folder which incorporates student work over time, providing a holistic evaluation of the learning process. 
Goal: To help the student introduce their work, to develop presentation skills as well as self-confidence.