One of the world's most popular science program in Turkey "Tiny Heroes Meets Science" held under the name FIRST® LEGO® League, Junior. Season 6 Online Fairs was held. Tarsus SEV Primary School was one of the stops for tiny inventors at the fair, whose theme this year was "Engineers of the New City". At the online fair hosted by Tarsus SEV, tiny inventors discovered the difficulties of life in the city and designed solutions.
FIRST LEGO League Jr., which is one of the comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs that develops research, imagination and critical thinking skills against the problems that children may encounter in their daily life, is aimed at children aged 6-10. In 2020 in more than 100 countries, more than a 163 thousand children who met at STEM studies FIRST LEGO League Jr., is held every year by the Association of Science Heroes in Turkey "Tiny Science Heroes Meets" since 2014.


This year, it will meet with 517 teams at Online Fairs to be held in 18 different cities due to the epidemic measures. On December 19th, 16 teams from five different cities came together at the Private Tarsus SEV Primary School Online Fair. Tiny scientists attended the online fair at Tarsus SEV Elementary School from all around Turkey, and work was carried out under this season's theme of "Boomtown Builder:New City Engineers”. In the fair, tiny inventors discovered the difficulties of life in the city and designed solutions.


Teams participating in the fair learned about the project development process under the guidance of volunteer coaches and consultants over the age of 18. The tiny inventors working on a problem that concerns the whole world each season define the problem, develop solutions, concretize the solution suggestions with the LEGO® kits given to them, and design a moving model at least a part of it. After 2-3 months of working as a team under the guidance of their teachers, the teams meet at the fairs with the support of different local partners, and convey their projects, ideas and all their work to volunteer observers. At the end of the fair, all children receive medals, and each team receives an award specific to the program.